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Product Range

Major Oak Scrum Coaching offers a range of services available to clubs and individuals, including:

Club Coaching Sessions: Do you want to improve the power and performance of your pack at Scrum Time?  Do you want to get an edge on all the other teams in your league?  Would you like the benefit of a professional Scrum Coach without the financial outlay of a full time coach? If so, Club Coaching Sessions are for you.  Times and dates are flexible to meet the requirements of each club and can be booked as one off or regular sessions.  

Major Oak Scrum Academies: Major Oak Scrum Academies are held at a range of locations around the UK and are open to any player to join.  The 6 week course will give you a unique insight into professional scrummaging techniques, helping to increase your individual skill level.  To enquire about running an academy in your area, or to join a current academy, please email info@majoroakcoaching.com.

Individual Scrum Coaching: Completed at a mutually convenient location, these sessions will give you the opportunity to work with Nigel in a 1-2-1 environment.  The sessions focus on pre-engaged and engaged profiling.  Once these fundamental skills are developed, the session's progress to more in depth scrummaging techniques.  Your first Individual Scrum Coaching session is filmed and analysed, which you can take away on DVD at the end of the session.  This film forms the basis of each individual's specific coaching plan.

Video Analysis Feedback: Would you benefit from specific, constructive feedback on any aspect of your game?  Would you like a professional's opinion on your or your teams scrummaging technique?  Video Analysis Feedback allows you to send us a film for review.  We can either send your feedback via Email, or discuss it with you in greater depth via Skype.  All analysis is completed by Nigel and returned to you within 7 days.  Recurring Video Analysis sessions include detailed improvement plans for the participants to address prior to sending the next footage in for analysis.  We won't just tell you what's good or bad - We'll help you fix it!

JOIN US NOW! Not only do you receive a discount on all our prices, as outlined below, there are a number of benefits of becoming a Scrum Coaching member.  Please visit the Scrum Coaching Membership page to see the full list of benefits you receive when you join.

For further details on any of the above products, please telephone 0800 6906385 or email info@majoroakcoaching.com.

2012/13 Pricelist:

Product Non Members Cost Members Cost
2 Hour Club Coaching Session £80* £70*
Recurring 2 Hour Club Coaching (Min 3) £65* £55*
Academies (Adult, per 6 week course) £36 £30
Academies (Juniors, per 6 week course) £30 £24
1 to 1 Scrum Coaching (1 Hour Session) £45 £40
Recurring 1 to 1 Scrum Coaching (min 3) £40 £35
1 to 1 Scrum Coaching (2 Hour Session) £80 £70
Recurring 1 to 1 Scrum Coaching (2 Hours - min 3) £70 £60
Video Analysys Via Email £10 £8
Video Analysys Via Email (3 Sessions) £25 £20
Video Analysis Via Skype £20 £16
Video Analysis Via Skype (3 Sessions) £50 £40

* Club coaching sessions may be subject to an additional charge to cover travel costs.